When Should You Replace Your Camshaft?

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2020 was a long hard year for our industry and many trucks logged a record number of miles.  Therefore, it might be time to consider an engine overhaul. When you decide that it’s time for a diesel engine overhaul, you typically know the parts that must be replaced. However, your camshaft is a gray area and can often get overlooked. Truth is – a high mileage camshaft needs to receive just as much care as any other standard replaceable part during the rebuild process. 

When there is visible wear and tear, like on the video below, it makes the decision a lot easier. This type of wear on your rockers doesn’t let the valves open all the way which causes loss of power. Also, the discoloration typically means lack of oil. This causes excess heat which leads to engine performance failure.

However, quite often your camshaft can be worn out beyond its reuse limit without obvious signs of wear and tear. This makes it a difficult decision, so asking yourself these questions might prove helpful: 

  1. Do you want to go another 600,000 to a million miles with this engine?
  2. How much would a qualified machine shop charge to inspect and possibly repair your camshaft? 
  3. What is the future cost of not replacing it?

In summary, don’t overlook your camshaft when overhauling your engine. Consider all the variables that determine the condition of your camshaft, then weigh the long-term cost of a camshaft replacement against keeping what you have.

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