Is Your Semi Engine Failing?

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Sometimes your engine just gives up without warning. Other times, there are some warning signs that appear before a failure. Below is a list of some warning signs your truck might be throwing at you:

  • Increased Fuel Consumption – Filling up your tank is inevitable. How often is too much? If you notice you’re stopping for fuel more often, then low fuel economy could be a sign. One possible issue could be the fuel injectors (*link fuel injectors article*) are damaged or worn.
  • Trouble Starting Up – Hard starting could be a sign of low compression or a fuel delivery issue. If you are having troubles getting your diesel engine to crank in the morning, it is absolutely time to get the engine checked out.
  • Vehicle Brake Performance – If your piston rings or your cylinder liners are worn, this could cause loss in cylinder compression, making braking more difficult. Brakes are a major component in a truck and signs of brake troubles should never be ignored.
  • Lack of Power – Like mentioned above, fuel for a running engine is inevitable. If you are experiencing lack of power, it could be due to something like dirty fuel filters, fuel injector issues, or it could be an issue with the piston rings or head gaskets. To diagnose an issue due to lack of power, have your mechanic take a look under the hood of your truck and see what is going on.
  • Color Change in Exhaust – If you’re shooting out black or blue smoke out from your exhaust, you’re most likely burning oil, or maybe your engine is running lean.
  • Engine Knocking/Noises – If you are hearing knocking noises, or any unusual noises coming from your engine, do not ignore it. It could be an issue with combustion timing, contaminated oil, or an issue with your bearings. Even though diesel engines are loud that does not mean a new sound is normal. Ignoring sounds coming from your engine could lead to catastrophic failure.
  • Increased Oil Consumption – If you are noticing that your truck is using oil more than usual, this could be due to piston rings, or a cylinder liner issue causing the oil to burn or leak.

Your truck needs to be in good working order to fulfill long trips and avoid detrimental failures. To keep your truck healthy and extend the life span of your diesel engine, follow these tips listed below:

  • Change Oil and Fuel Filters Regularly
  • Purchase Quality Fuel
  • Keep all electrical connections clean
  • Check engine for leaks regularly
  • Make sure all gauges are in working order
  • Keep up with regular routine maintenance

If you believe something is going on with your truck, it never hurts to be too safe. Check in with your technician often and reduce the risk of costly repairs down the road. Or contact us to see if we can help keep you moving with our vast inventory of parts.

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